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The Mai-Kai Restaurant & Polynesian Show

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Island Queen Colada  9.00
Traditional Pina Colada with a new twist of orange from the tropics

Tahitian Paradise  9.00
A smooth blend of fresh strawberries, pineapple, orange juice and coconut provide the perfect way to escape to the islands



Strawberry Or Banana Daiquiri  13.00
Fresh fruits and rum blended to create these frosty favorites

Mai-Kai Swizzle®  13.00
A velvet bouquet, slightly rummy and fruity, swizzled with orgeat

Mai-Kai Special®  13.00
Cool, light and refreshing, laced with fresh pineapple juice. Our mixologist’s favorite

Malayan Mist®  13.00
Light rum and juices skillfully blended into a refreshingly smooth potation garnished with a sprig of fresh mint



Tahitian Breeze®  14.00
One of the classic tropical drink creations, a delightfully refreshing blend of light rum, passion fruit and fresh juices

Planters Punch  14.00
The traditional favorite of the East India traders when calling at Jamaican ports

Pina Colada  14.00
A smooth rich blend of pineapple juice, coconut milk and golden rum, a Caribbean favorite

Pina Passion  16.00
Icily refreshing. A thirst-quenching concoction of rums and juices, served in a fresh pineapple. Take the pineapple home




Mutiny®  17.00

A superb blend of the finest rums, fresh tropical juices and a splash of coffee. A daily ration, says the Skipper, prevents scurvy and discontentment within the crew

Barrel O’ Rum®  17.00
Smugglers, pirates and rum runners took their pleasures with this spirituous libation, bold and big, but rightfully smooth

Special Planters Punch  16.00
A husky blend of heavy Jamaican Rums and tropical juices, only for the bold ones

Suffering Bastard  16.00
Blended with the finest rums, fresh tropical juice and a cucumber garnish this concoction is sure to please you

Mai-Tai  17.00
The celebrated drink of the islands, made smoother here by the subtle introduction of Appleton 12 year old Jamaican Rum

Black Magic®  17.00
The owner’s choice. A superbly smooth but forthright blending of fine dark rums and tropical juices, subtly laced with coffee and truly refreshing

Jet Pilot  17.00
Fast and courageous. A vigorous blend of heavy bodied rums and zesty juices

151 Swizzle®  16.00
Strong rums and tangy juices make this a delightfully full flavored potion, only for the sturdy



Gardenia Lei ®  12.00
A delightfully rich, smooth blend “sleeping in a cove of ice”,
a favorite of the ladies

Mai-Kai Blizzard  12.00
A smooth blended creation of rum,
ice cream and West Indies spices

Kona Coffee Grog®  13.00
Flaming rum and our combination of coffee, honey cream secret spices, set ablaze at your table
for a sensationally different after dinner drink

Chocolate Snowflake  12.00
A cool, creamy blend of rums, ice cream,
mocha flavors and spices

Hot Buttered Rum  13.00

A traditional Island favorite on cool and stormy nights

Tahitian Coffee  13.00
With rum, liqueurs and Island spices,
topped with whipped cream

Espresso  6.00

Cappuccino  6.50

Mai-Kai Cappuccino  13.00
With our special blend of liqueurs

A Full Selection of Cognacs, Cordials, Liqueurs and other After-Dinner Drinks are Available from Our Bar